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ۼ  Alignment Yoga Workshop  ۼ


A comprehensive workshop addressing our general health and physical problems.



        Explore new Alternatives to traditional treatments.


        Learn alignment principles using Breathing and Sessions for resolution
      and regeneration of your body.


        Obtain relief and dissolve chronic physical problems.


        Learn techniques for restoring & maintaining your body Alignment.


        Work with solutions that balance, repair and stabilize your body.





With Harmon Hathaway

President American Yoga Foundation ~  

Facilitator: Brenda Webster Hathaway



November 11, 2012 ~11:00 am to 2:00 pm
at Green Earth --  4 market street ~ Oneonta, N. Y.


$ 20.00 per person ~ limit 15ppl. ~ pre-register at ~  has@alignment.org  
or contact us  ~ 607 832-4343


Bring mat & wear loose fitting clothes.




When you start to assert control over any bodily process, the effect is holistic.

The mind-body system reacts to every single stimulus as a global event;

to stimulate one cell is to stimulate all.

~  Deepak Chopra M.D.  ~