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Drug Addiction


Kick the habit without drama or trauma and experience re-entry by natural means.


Standard Definition:

The driving need to take a drug, often in increasing amounts because of the emotional or physical effects that a drug can produce. Sometimes there is an addiction to medication because of the dulling effect on the nervous system. These are called addictive drugs because the body becomes dependent

The causes for most addictions are the desired physical effects they create. A depressed or emotionally unstable personality is more susceptible to becoming addicted.


Over 35 years of therapy I have worked with 10 people who were addicted to heroin or were trying to quit. In all of these cases they were related in some way with people that already worked with me who wanted to help them. In 9 of these cases they were not willing to have a session and were doing it with some resistance. The sessions generally were impromptu and lasted no more than a 1/2 hour.

I would start the client working on the ground, doing Diaphragmatic Breathing. Invariably within 2 to 5 minutes they would start to get various somatics that they would describe as the same feeling they got when they were withdrawing, (As if this was a danger sign and a reason for stopping the breathing) I would just acknowledge their fear and tell them continue breathing. Then the body would go through trembling and a feeling of numbness in their hands' arms and sometimes even the face.

The gentle encouragement to keep breathing and to go through any fear will allow releasing of tensions and fears and bring a comfortable feeling to the body.

One example of a brief and resistant client was with a young girl in her late teens, who was the sister of a friend. I consented to see her and I encouraged her to try the breathing it will not hurt and is very natural. She lay down on the floor and I started to get her to do deep breathing. Within one minute she started to get the somatics I described above.

She sat up and I asked her what happened. She told me this is what she feels when she has tried to withdraw before. I encouraged her back down and had her breath some more. She experienced large bouts of trembling and numbness yet it was tolerable because I would keep encouraging her to go through it. In about 20 minutes the symptoms of withdrawal started to subside and she decided that was enough and she wanted nothing more.

On my next visit 6 months later her Brother told me she had stopped taking heroin. He said she had tried it once more and did not like the feeling.

She has been free of heroin for 12 years and has tried different jobs and creative enterprises. A lot better than having someone around who is constantly stealing to get a fix.

In all of the cases that I have been able to keep up with the person has stopped taking heroin. It seems one brief episode with breathing was enough to get them off heroin.

How can this be? My feeling is that they were not in touch with their body but with mental discomfort. The body is seen as an emotional and physical annoyance by the not so logical thought process. So not feeling it or numbing the body feels like a solution. When they would stop doing the heroin or try to withdraw, there is generally uncomfortable somatics. That's how terrible the body feels about being dulled out.

When the life energy starts to re-enter the body and there is guidance in breathing and releasing a person will go through the process of withdrawal (re-entry) fast. Once a person has really felt the body with the breath instead of with the thought process it really is hard to go back to that very dull, numb state one gets with heroin.

When you start to become familiar with the body through breathing and releasing the body generally will not gravitate towards those experiences that are dulling and harmful to it.


This is a drug that I call the catch 22 drug. When you take cocaine your breathing becomes easier and the body enjoys that. Now I could have told you that the body enjoys breathing fuller. Why does one have to take cocaine to have a breathing session?

Once taken the catch 22 syndrome hits! You wake up the next day and your body feels heavy, your breathing feels difficult and you don't feel good. A breathing session would be the solution to that but you don't know how to expand the body open with breath. So the only solution is to have more cocaine it seems. Wrong! Taking more cocaine will worsen the dependence and make the breathing muscles lazy.

The muscles involved with breathing, have had a holiday and they do not want to go back to work or you don't know how to get them back to work. The catch 22 syndrome has got you.

I learned a lot about cocaine addiction and its hook from a drummer who supported his habit by dealing cocaine. He started to work with me because he was having back trouble. I could see that the lower back muscles were dormant and I kept working with him to get expansion in the lower back with full breathing. In one session he told me he felt awful before the session and he took some cocaine to relieve the tension.

I noticed his breathing was fuller and he expressed it is always like that when he does cocaine. Ah ha! So I asked him to stay away from this drug for a week and try breathing fuller all the time. The next week he said he was at the end of his rope and it required a lot to stay dry for the week.

This session we worked full expansive breathing concentrating on using the muscles of his lower back, which are the last group to come into play when you do expansive breathing. He was surprised that he actually felt good. In the following session he told me he was not getting off or high from the cocaine and has little desire to do it. Several sessions later he told me he has stopped completely using cocaine and his body feels great.

The last I heard from him, after 18 years, was that he was married, had two children and was doing very well in business.

The body has to be encouraged to do what is good for it by genuine effort rather then drug induced relief. However, we do need some accurate information about opening our body and releasing it. Your muscles will work much more effectively when you give them a chore like breathing and ask them to share the process of being alive.

For both of these drugs Heroin and Cocaine learning to breathe and occupying the space inside the body with the life force is a natural solution to an unnatural dilemma.

Do the breathing session and you will discover your best friend the body.


Good Luck!


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