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         84.   First Thought                                      5/14/06

"Man is made or unmade by himself. In the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself. He also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself  heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace."
    ~~~William James~~~  
1842 - 1910


    Learning more about breathing acquaints us with the dynamics of breathing. We can connect with what ever is going on in our space by feeling the action of our breathing, then our informative intelligences give guidance for appropriate action. This is simple and straight forward if we trust our feelings and our body to respond in appropriate ways to events. This is also fulfilling the autopoetical, self correcting and joyful enfoldment of our co-connectedness.

    Breathing as you know is also part and parcel of health. If we can contribute to our health by breathing, we can also cut medical expenses to a minimum. By reading about and working with our breathing, we grow the potential to live without the concerns the culture presents as health information. Again trust of our own body system and what it is telling us works. Jesus wisdom “and a child shall lead you.” This works in many ways; we can learn from the play of children happy and laughing with genuine warmth for living and we can reconnected with our own childlike nature.


            Adult Behavior Syndrome.

    The non-child like movements of cultural confusion impinging on the body, works as a definition of ABS (Adult Behavior Syndrome) for me. The natural intelligences, prana connected, unfold our wisdom, which has tactile connections to time and space. When viewing the pure joy and uninhibited movements of children and animals, something in us becomes transfixed. Is this our natural intelligences admiring something lost or unfulfilled? In our pet cats we can observe them moving from spontaneous connections within. Delight and equanimity radiate from them and they can become teachers. Nature it appears will prevail in all things.


“All beings come from a mother’s womb. We should have a clear realization of the oneness of all humanity.”
Dalai Lama

    Do we mess with Mara/Samsara in a way that we see is useful and ascending? Of course we do. When we wake up and realize how delightful being in our bodyform can be, we naturally wish this for others. But, with each birth we are left scratching our heads wondering how could humans tolerate so much cultural nonsense. Children really demonstrate that they are having a hard time with all of the external emotional hits they receive on a daily basis.

    What makes me so excited about our body-form is that I see we can recapture the youthful feelings of being in the body and having the genuine excitement of being alive no matter what our age. I have experienced this first hand from other people who shed limitations by working with breathing and alignment sessions. Based on our ground work done in life, we find the external even more transparent then before. This really is an adjustment we have to make as we intermingle with bound up energies or knots. The youthful quality of flexibility in the body brings a reawakened joyful feeling that radiates to others. There is a mixed bag of experiences one can have in a culture that believes ‘adult behavior’ is with out excitement or motion. The idea of not making waves is just that on a molecular level. With each laugh and happy expression we may be greeted by some disapproval if the motion in others bodies is limited. Take heart, the real is always at hand.


"Be thine own palace, or the world's thy jail."

John Donne   1572-1631


       Mental Pressure

    Because of the world situation and the many problems humanity has to work through, many people may feel mental pressure. This translates to feeling discomfort in the body that is hard to put ones finger on. The solution to feeling pressure has to come from our seeking to balance out some unknowns in the brain which result from thinking about the external mess and the blitz of news events that come at us each day. One suggested solution is not to watch TV or read the news, which can work.

    What I suggest is that you connect up with your breathing and start focusing on the areas of the body where you feel pressure. Keep this going until you feel some relaxation in the system. With this in mind you can also appreciate that you are not an island, but sensitive to what you are ingesting in the way of information. Reading good books and texts that uplift the spirit are useful ‘foods for thought’. Petting the cat or dog helps, as well as watching children at play.


            Body Language

    “I’m carrying a heavy load, I have to much on my shoulders, I feel overloaded” the language suggests that there is tightness in the upper body that has accumulated over a period of time. For one reason or other we have a tendency to accumulate tensions to the body that eventually weighs heavy on us. The language or expressions like “I can’t bear it” or “its to much for me to shoulder” indicates the body is saying enough!, I have to lighten the load. Working with breathing our body is less likely to accumulate tensions and stress. There are many natural sessions we can do to release the body of accumulated stress and tension and also keep the body from taking more on. If we listen to the language we use to express how we feel we will get a hint of how the body feels about a particular idea or event.

“I can’t stomach that” is another phrase that is used to indicate that some thing is hard to digest. This seems to fit so many occasions we are heir to in the adult, civilized life we are engaged in. We are all familiar with the phrase “I can’t stand this”. No sooner do we get the phrase then our body is in motion. Good move! The body is saying this makes me feel uncomfortable and has the GUT instinct to get out of the particular situation. There are many cases where this action is pure poetry. Then there is the need to also be compassionate with others, in which case we can breath, start an inner Om sound and see what comes about. Our stomach is giving us a clue; these vibrational waves are hard to absorb and could become unwanted food or impressions.

Past accumulation of indigestibles generally comes out as a feeling of throwing up in many initial sessions of introducing full breathing. This is always welcome and good to allow the body to do to rid itself of past indigestibles. Animals have no problem with such an action but, we humans tend to shut down this natural body ability. In some sessions people will not actually throw up, but allow the body to experience the grabbing action of the muscle and even make sounds that come from the feelings of nausea. I have experienced fully throwing up, with all the sounds and noise that come with the event. I embrace the action and know that my intelligences are working to move something out of the bodies system. I don’t question such an impulse, but allow the body to do what is has to do to feel comfortable. This is working with the body to me or ‘bodywork’ with all its raw and rugged qualities. The sublime and graceful comes about by getting the kinks out of our system.


Flying to a tree top
In an open field
Swaying in a spring breeze
Singing a heart song
Having it heard.

Days go on
One mystical message
After another
Pucker up, for sure
Love is coming.



“The Lord has turned all our sunsets into sunrises.” – St. Clement


Posted by harmon   5/14/ 2006


Om my I am speechless and losing my breath. Did you really throw up, Harmony? I know what you mean....I once levitated during a body session with Monica and the next day when it was time for another session, she said, "Come on, let's go levitate." I was surprised that she meant me....but my body actually rose up in the air high enough to twirl around sideways two rotations before landing back on my stomach. This happened in big circle over and over for about twenty times. I learned this was levitation. Yet all I knew is .... WOW What releases....what intelligence the sacred body had to know just what it needed to come back to normal everyday balance. If I never receive another gift in this lifetime I have already received the BEST one, bodywork with you and Monica. She will have left us 10 years ago on this coming May 26. Everything she so generously gave us in bodywork is still with us. Though I have not levitated lately (that I KNOW of, that is - being an actor sometimes it happens spontaneously to make a dramatic point) hehehehehe
but I breathe full and deep and try my best to enjoy a very busy schedule.
At any rate, my dear Master, thanks again for sharing your golden information in your own inimitable linguistic genius...and with such warmth and real
compassion for all of us BODIES out here all over the world.
Geronimo Sands
Priscilla Beach Theatre

Posted by: Geronimo Sands on 5/18/2006




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